Arian Mithrazadeh

Capture Zoran noble, wife of Draco


racial attributes:
| int +0 | per +1 |
| Wil +1 | Cha +4 |
| Str +0 | DeX +0 |
| COn +0 | SpD +0 |
| Cr +0 | DYn +0 |

Hit Points: 20
Skills: Computers (personal) 1, Cultural Studies (Zoran) +7, Ride +1, Perform +1, Speak
Language (Zoran, native), Speak Language (Any, basic)
3, Seduction +2, Stealth +1, Deception +4, Handicraft (Fine Arts) +5, Influence +4, Lore (Folklore) +3, Perform +8, Research +2, Lore (Theology) +4, Profession (Aoidos, CHA) +10

Passion: Zorans have hearts that burn like stars If in the pursuit of their ambitions or destiny, the Zoran may once per game double the bonus from their ambitions, destiny, or Personal disadvantage The passion is attached to one of the above traits, but may be switched in the same manner as ambitions or disadvantages.

Oaths of the Heart: Once per adventure, a Zoran may swear an Oath with all his heart (“I swear with all my heart that I will…”) and—while in pursuit of this Oath—gain a bonus to one skill equal to double his WIL+1 The Oath may be anything from winning the love of a woman, to killing the betrayer of his family The chosen skill will receive the bonus for the entirety of the adventure, but the Hero must actively pursue the completion of the Oath If the Hero does not complete or fails at completing the Oath, the Zoran’s heart becomes heavy and he falls into a depression lasting for a game, during which he suffers a penalty equal to quadruple his WIL+1 to the skill originally chosen.


A minor Zoran noble trained in the arts of song and dance. Was married to a beloved rather than for the political gain. They were happy for a time. Until Draco arrived on the planet. With him came the death of her household and her beloved.

Draco’s blood-rage claimed nearly all of her household. Except Azar, Arian’s servant.

Arian Mithrazadeh

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