Captain Leonidas Graesonis

Captain of the Triumphant Icarus

INT +0 PER +0
WILL +0 CHA +0
STR +0 DEX +0
CON +0 SPD +0

Ability Level: 2-7

Attacks/Damage: Per weapon employed
Armor: None

Hit Points: 20
Hero Points: 1

Skills of Note:

  • Navigation+10
  • Pilot +10


  • Dagger 5 DR
  • Torch Pistol 10 DR

Captain Graesonis is an old Panthalassanaut. He finds the cosmic sea less and less unnerving with each time he launches the slip sails. He has once skimmed the void, broken several records in races and hunted pirates in the void.

That was in the age of spirited youth and now he has aged. His youth of adventure has long since pasted him by, now he is just an old man looking to do a bit of sailing and make sure he leaves his family with something more than a boat older than his old bones.

Captain Leonidas Graesonis

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