Draco Phoneuó Serptian

Flashing Blade Draco of Ceto, a gorgon with a great sword arm


Draco Phoneuó Serptian crawled from his egg moments before his father would feel the blade that would end his life. His father was murder as an act of revenge against his mother, Xífoiacles. The great matron of the Serptian has made many enemies in her years as both a Terror Troop and warrior.

The resulting assassination created a rifted between Son and Mother. Xífoiacles while she doesn’t blame Draco, her heart can look upon her young son for she sees the face of her beloved. This rift caused Draco’s Older siblings to raise and teach Draco in the distance that their mother’s grieve has caused.

Machaírimache taught Draco the families style of combat which was supplemented by Xífoiacles. Koutáli taught Draco of society and of the gods tending to his younger brother like he would a brother. Being surround in such family with such fate Draco earned the favor of the gods in this way. The blessed him with the knowledge of just how great he was.

While still in his youth he help his brother Koutáli in helping with the hatching of SOME HERO. During this time his brother was also accept as a Oracle for the temple of Heira where he gave Draco the prediction that he would die at the hands of his children.

The day before Draco’s coming of age his mother, Xífoiacles, gave him one of her poleaxe. In that moment Draco decided he would try and surpass both his mother and his sister. He join the Terror Troops and began his training as a warrior shortly after that. While training he met a Amazon Warrior by the name of Cybele, the two grew close while they fought together. While this friendship was close it wasn’t much deeper than that, despite Cybele wishing other wise.

After his training was complete Draco sought out the Legion of Delpoli and join their rank. Mostly he did so to learn more about combat and test his abilities. By some event he found himself on Sparta where he gave a demonstration of his style on the Agora to some of Sparta’s greatest warriors.

Having enough of the Legion Draco joined up as a Panthalassanaut and explored the Hellas Space. While during this journey his ship slipped deep into the Panthalassa where Draco hear the voice of a siren, he he fell in love with the sound and the sweet nothings it whispered. He was half way to exposing the whole ship to the Panthalassa before someone noticed. It took most of the crew to restrain him but in the end he never forgot the sound of her voice.

After this event Draco left the live of a sailor. (To be honest it was rather none wanted to sail with a Goregon that space crazy.) He began to trade his skill as a warrior and a terror troop. He was hired by a group to go deep into Zoran Space. While he was scoutting or hunting, Draco came upon Xoran Woman singing. Her voice was almost exactly like the Siren that had claimed the Goregon’s heart. He sprang into action and seized her.

The Woman was a wife a Zoran noble who at the moment of her cry leaped into action to defend his bride. The Zoran was little match for Goregon both mad in his blood lust and the Sirens dark call made him deaf to reason. When the blood-rage left him he had slaughtered most of Zoran’s guards as well as the Noble himself. Shrugging Draco took his prize and the captain of his ship wed him the next night. In that moment the Zoran moment swore that she would see the Goregon dead, or her children would.

His family was less than pleased with his decision. This latest action seemed to expand the gab between his family. Realizing he needed to do something Draco re-enlisted with the Legion and joined with Anti-pirate actions where he lost an eye in the heavy fighting. Draco has deiced to simply banadage the eye and replace it after his adventure is over.

Draco Phoneuó Serptian

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