Xífoiacles Grigoro Serptian

Great Warrior Goregon Matron of the Serptian Family`


Xífoiacles is beloved warrior of the Goregon home world known for her skill with a blade. She has founded several melee fighting style used by Goregon troops. Her fame is attributed to the fact that she is the daughter of one of the Twelve, many including the family believe it to be Hieria, the patron of the family.

Xífoiacles has been married twice. While she stands slightly apart from her second husband she is still devoted to him as she was her first. Though so far Hieria has not seen it fit or their childern to see the exterior of their eggs.

Xífoiacles first husband was murdered by her rivals shortly after the birth, and hatching of her third child, and today only son. This detail has cause Xífoiacles to be a little colder with her son than she might have been if not for the event that surround his hatching and his being picked by the twelve as a favorite.

Xífoiacles is not a hero despite her abilities and skill she is instead a Goregon of great renown and ability.

Xífoiacles Grigoro Serptian

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