Triumphant Icarus

Argosian Light Hauler that has seen a little too much...

Argosian Light Hauler A small commonly used space transport. The Argosian Light Hauler has seen service as a passenger transport, exploring vehicle, and teamster cargo vehicle. Its inexpensiveness and ubiquity make this vehicle easy to maintain and purchase secondhand.
MAN +4 HUL +4
SEN +1 SPD +25
ACL +4 DCL +2
SD 2 SIZ 4

Cargo: 200 tons
Supplies: 8 weeks
Hit Points:40

  • One Light Pulse Lasers DR 10 (forward firing arc)
  • Two Medium Pulse Lasers DR 22 (One on each Broadside)
  • One Light Pulse Lasers DR 10 (Aft Firing arc)
  • Light Shield Generator PR 8
  • Armored Plat PR 2
    Modifications: None

Captain Graesonis might be tempting fate when he named the old beat up transport the Triumphant Icarus. Old worn down and sporting scars of multiple fights with pirates Captain Graesonis knew a good ship when he saw one.

Triumphant Icarus was one of the first Argosian Light Haulers produced, its engines have been replaced multiple times. Some of the bulk hull still has the original alloys that have long since been deemed weak for ships. That said the ship has a reputation to get its crew and passagers where they need even if it can’t take them away afterward.

Triumphant Icarus

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